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The Inspiration ~

The Blakeney Children's Foundation was inspired by the heartbreaking loss of one of our very own, Malik Blakeney, who was tragically killed in a car accident on January 10, 2022. He was just 26 years young.

Malik was a gifted soul who was a wonderful son, brother and dedicated father to his 3 year old daughter Brellie, and 6 year old stepson Jabriyl (poppa). Sadly, these children are now forced to navigate through life without their dad.

The Question Was Asked ~

What happens to the children who are left behind? Who helps them financially and emotionally when they are struggling? We are happy to announce that our foundation has been helping in many ways! With your generous support, we have assisted over 30 families through some extremely difficult times, and will continue to do so as long as valuable people, like you, are able to give. Our foundation extends beyond Malik Blakeney's tragic story. We reach out to those families who have experienced a similar, horrific loss. Sadly, there are many more children who need our help!

What We Do ~

The Blakeney Children's Foundation provides financial support to fatherless and motherless children in need. We reach out and surprise children with gifts on their birthday and holidays, and finance vacations so that they can experience some much needed joy. We also assist them in getting back to school by purchasing school supplies and clothes. These endeavors reassure the children that they are still loved, heard, and more importantly, not forgotten as they cope with their new reality.

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